Year 2021 Transformation – Success within Yourself – Bali

Starts November 6, 2021
Ends November 15, 2021



From 1492 €

Meditation – Yoga – Intuitive dance
Personal development – Wellness and inner peace

Coordinator: Caroline Rossy
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10 DAYS 

Dates: Sat. 6- Mon. 15 Nov 2021


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Shared occupancySingle occupancyShared occupancySingle occupancy
1492 EUR*1819 EUR*1819 EUR*2309 EUR*

* Early bird until May 1st. Then +200 EUR.

Includes Transport, Lodging, meals, yoga, workshops, and meditation with Caroline Rossy, Indonesian retreat present, photographer, travel agent fees, tax and service charges (based on a minimum of 13 participants).

One day planning:

8:30am Yoga Wake your Body up.
10:30am Brunch
11:30am Pause
12:00pm Guided Mind Setting Meditation – Intuitive Dance – Various Classes to deepen yourself into your inner success
13:30pm Afternoon delight
3:00pm Workshop on various topics – Inner Success Tools
Open your Heart share your story – Intention – Goals – MasterMind
6:30pm Rest
7:30pm Dinner fun



Tabanan is a Regency in central Bali, best-known for its nature, especially its UNESCO recognized tea plantations. Tabanan occupies about 15 percent of Balinese land. It is still a newly recognized destination for travellers and has only recently become home to several large luxury resorts. As Tabanan is known for its natural landscape, popular activities revolve around nature or Balinese culture.


At the Resort they host yoga, meditation, healing, educational and environmental retreats. Their secluded location provides an ideal space for any kind of retreat, from silent meditation to extroverted self development courses. The 110m2 spacious, wooden floor hall is surrounded by rice fields, jungle and gardens.

Teachers and students benefit from the direct contact with nature. The vast spaciousness of this Mountain Resort provides remote tranquility and a peaceful atmosphere. Our restaurant caters healthy and delicious buffets. They welcome small and large groups.


The Bungalows at the Resort are nested between rice fields and tropical gardens. Gaze at the beauty and spaciousness of your bungalow’s natural surroundings, while enjoying the sounds of nature.

The bungalows provide a tasteful combination of traditional Balinese art and architecture with modern amenities. The antique, intricate carvings give each bungalow its unique character. The bungalows are furnished with either one or two comfortable double beds as well as a desk. Extra beds are available upon request. The en suite bathrooms invites for open sky hot water showers.

The Resort offers six types of accommodations. Each have either a terrace or a traditional bale (gazebo) perfect for relaxing and your private Yoga or meditation practice.


The organic rice fields and vegetable gardens offer you it’s harvest as well as an amazing view from the restaurant. If you wish, their friendly staff will also serve food and drinks to your bungalow.

Whether you are staying at the Mountain Resort or just passing by, they welcome you to their restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner, serving delicious local and western dishes.



Their natural water swimming pool is fed by a local mountain spring. The water is channeled from their spring directly into the pool and then flows on to water the rice fields. No chemicals are used. Let your body and soul be refreshed and rejuvenated by the purity of the mountain spring water!




Enjoy a full body Balinese massage with acupressure point treatment in a relaxing atmosphere to loosen any tension in your body.

IDR 150.000 / hour


They strongly recommend our trekking tours to explore serene lush surroundings of the Mountain Resort. Take a glimpse into the Balinese village life while learning about the flora and fauna of the area. Enjoy breathtaking views of mountains, rice terraces and giant bamboo!


Take a different way to the temple than the asphalt road! Take a guided trek through gardens of cacao, coffee and fruit trees, giant bamboo and local vegetables. Explore the tropical rain forest nature reserve around the silent Mt. Batukaru and pass by Pura Veteran, a small temple in the jungle. The highlight of the tour is a visit of the second most important Temple of Bali, Pura Luhur Batukaru. 2-3 hours.

IDR 220.000 / person

IDR 170.000 / person for group more than 2 persons

(including entrance fee)


Take a walk up to the tropical rain forest at the foot of the silent volcano Batukaru and visit the jungle temple Pura Luhur Batukaru. On the way back you will be guided through rice paddies, enjoying stunning views over this fertile area of Bali. 4 hours.

IDR 300.000 / person

IDR 200.000 / person for group more than 2 persons

(including entrance fee)


Their friendly guide will lead you along rice fields, villages, beautiful panorama view points and temples to a small local hot spring. Take a natural sulfur hot shower and relax after the walk! We will pick you up and drive you back to the Mountain Resort. 3-4 hours.

IDR 370.000 / person

IDR 270.000 / person for group more than 2 persons


Take an authentic walk to a small temple in the rocks facing the tropical jungle. You will pass by fruit, cacao and coffee gardens, rice fields, temples and villages. Immerse yourself  in the beauty of nature! 5-6 hours.

IDR 500.000 / person

IDR 300.000 / person for group more than 2 persons



The stretch of coast name Amed in eastern Bali is a great place to get away from the crowds in the South. The pace of life in Amed is slow compared to most of Bali’s tourist hubs, however the area don’t lack options when it comes to activities. 


Feel the energy, see the beauty,  hear the ocean, taste the earth, smell the flowers. Arise with the first rays of of sunshine blushing the sky, and inhale the ion-rich scent of the sea. Fall asleep to the sound of waves lapping the black-sand beach below. In between, simply be.

Welcome to this Beach Resort — a secluded new beach retreat with an old soul. Immersed in nature, our peaceful eco-chic retreat rests above a crescent beach of volcanic black sand fringing the Bali Sea, secure in the protection of Bali’s most sacred mountain, Gunung Agung.

It’s an inspiring place for a retreat, a hideaway, a holiday – for yoginis, writers, artists, divers, foodies, gardeners, nature lovers, eco-champions. You’ll find beautiful accommodation for up to 17 guests in a dozen bedrooms: five spacious doubles, and seven Chakra singles, all sensitively designed for restful sleep lulled by the sound of surf on the black-sand beach below. You’ll also find places to kick back and unwind, a taste bud-tickling restaurant, a yoga shala, and a large infinity pool and sundeck with the most breath-taking ocean and mountain vista.

We invite you to yield to a slower, gentler rhythm far from the madding crowd, immersed in natural surroundings unchanged over generations. 


Sharing the same pavilion roof, both Ocean and Jungle rooms open onto a spacious terrace overlooking the ocean and resort garden –enjoy the sunrise from the comfort of your bed! 

Both Lily and Lotus rooms command spectacular ocean views and share a super-sized veranda overlooking the black-sand beach below – completely private, so perfect for those seeking extra privacy. 

They created the seven Chakra rooms – each brightly decorated with the colour of a chakra – for mindful and cost-conscious guests who wish to enjoy all the pleasures that the resort offers without needing a spacious double room. The 2m x 3m rooms, which occupy a longhouse facing jungle greenery are simply furnished, feature a single bed on a bamboo platform and share two bathrooms. 

The wooden deck on the flat roof provides a popular hangout space for sunrise meditation, afternoon siestas swaying in hammocks, and evenings of star-gazing to the symphony of waves lapping on the beach below.

Resting between Lily & Lotus and Ocean & Jungle, Sunrise is rondavel-style, with circular walls of stone and earth brick and a bamboo balcony overlooking ocean and garden – enjoy the sunrise without leaving your king-size bed! 


Happy food is what they offer at their restaurant. Slow food, whole food, organic food, soul food – their menu focuses on traditional Balinese food but with a healthy approach; slow food for sure, as everything is prepared prepared slowly and carefully with much laughing and loving – definitely no microwave oven here! Their small menu engages the senses and changes every day according to the ingredients available. 

They offer fish dishes only when the local fishermen bring them their catch-of-the-day; you can join them on the beach to welcome ashore the jukungs (traditional outrigger boats) returning with their fresh catch, and choose a fish for your dish-of-the-day. 

Otherwise they serve vegetarian food – mostly vegan and gluten free – using ingredients freshly harvested from their garden or purchased from the local market, plus organic rice (a mix of heritage white and traditional Balinese red).

Guests with a sweet tooth are by no means overlooked. In fact their reputation for yummy vegan, gluten-free and raw cakes as well as more-ish raw chocolate has already stretched to Ubud! Among the irresistible offerings are vegan and gluten-free chocolate brownie, vegan and gluten-free apple/snakefruit crumble pie, raw vegan mango cheese cake, and raw chocolate cake.


Immerse yourself in the sacredness of this ancient land, where time slows down into a gentler rhythm. It’s the perfect place to nourish mind, body and spirit with ocean-front yoga asana practice, pranayama and meditation in the presence of Bali’s most revered mountain, Gunung Agung. Roll out a yoga mat on your private deck or in the ocean-view yoga shala. 




You’ll leave the resort feeling rebalanced, light-hearted, and with a lasting sense of wellbeing; just being in their magical space works wonders! Their signature body treatments using our home-made beauty products and freshly harvested plants.

Relax in a flower bath looking at the ocean after you got pampered with a rebalancing massage and refreshing scrubbing.


We have a healer who also come to help you with your issues. Please ask us for special healing packages which we can tailor make for your needs.

Another beautiful experience is a Balinese traditional water purification ritual with a local high priest. He will perform this sacred ceremony in his Griya or for groups.


Sound Healing is a very powerful experience for the mind and body. The sounds are created by a variety of instruments like Gong, Tibetan bowls, rainstick, Ufo drum, Koshi bells etc…

The vibrations can enter your body like a sacred geometry code and have the ability to strengthen the immune system, to relax your nervous system and rebalance your energy field.


They regularly porganise clean the beach in front of our resort, and encourage the villagers as well as our guests to help out, so retreat members can organise a beach clean-up together with Trash Hero.


During your stay you can join them in the kitchen and watch or help to prepare some of our delicious Balinese meals.


The salt we use is among the best in the world – and it comes from the crystal clear waters that lap the beach right in front of the resort. There, in the dry season, local farmers harvest the sun-dried salt through a series of sand and earth filters using traditional methods unchanged over centuries. Their labour-intensive craft is under threat from faster, easier processing methods , so we encourage them to continue by buying their salt for a higher price, giving them a share of profits from sales to our guests, and helping them see that people value their hard work.

The salt they produce is more than a match for the expensive gourmet fleur de sel popular in Europe: unlike common salt (sodium chloride), it contains trace minerals such as calcium and magnesium chloride, giving it a stronger, more complex flavour that lingers longer on the tongue thanks to the higher moisture content (up to 10% compare to 0.5%). Like wine grapes, the flavour is influenced by the territory, giving the salt from Balila Beach its unique flavour. Please do purchase the salt from our restaurant, and play a part in supporting our local farmers.


We believe every sickness has a plant to cure it – and Indonesia has among the biggest varieties of medicinal plants in the world! That’s why we grow so many medicinal herbs and plants in our garden, which we use to make our own healing powders, tinctures and capsules; we use them in in our cooking too, so our food is also medicine! With so many wild medicine plants growing within and around our resort, we continue to learn and make new discoveries every day –and we delight in sharing remedies with our guests. Homemade medicine so far include noni juice, moringa powder, temu kunci tincture, temulawak capsules, sambiloto capsules, neem capsules, tumeric jamu and fresh, master tonic.


Amed and Tulamben are arguably the best dive sites in Bali – and our resort is right in the middle, about 15 minutes from each. Diving off Amed is an easy and relaxing experience; most of the sites are shallow and accessible from the shore or by a very short boat trip, and there is little or no current and good visibility –perfect for those learning to five, or inexperienced divers. The black volcanic sand (Gunung Agung looms on the horizon) creates an unusual contrast with the colourful corals and critters, exciting muck divers and underwater Macro photographers out to spot the rare ghost Pipefish, Pygmy Seahorse and Mimic Octopus. We will happily connect you with some well regarded and highly experienced dive shops in Amed and Tulamben.


Freediving is the art of controlling your breath underwater, which ultimately accords you the freedom to enjoy the beauty and silence of the underwater world. Supported by yoga and meditation practice, you learn special breathing techniques on the path to becoming a responsible freediver. This sport takes you back to your roots and allows you to release life stress by immersing into the deep and calm waters. We can connect you to an experienced freediving school in Amed.


We’re lucky to have a house reef just off our beach. It’s way off the beaten track for snorkelers staying in Amed further south, so you will be able to bask in the underwater beauty and enjoy the colourful corals and reef fish undisturbed. There are also three easy snorkelling spots in Amed – we can arrange for a fisherman to take you there on his jukung. And the more adventures may like to snorkel above the Liberty ship wreck in Tulamben.

For the house reef we can rent you some snorkelling mask and fins, if you go to Amed or Tulamben you will find many rental places.


The surrounding hills lend themselves to exciting treks with spectacular mountain and ocean views. Here you can hike through jungle and emerald rice terraces to hidden villages off the beaten track; it’s a unique chance to take in the area’s natural beauty, experience the wild, and witness rural life untouched by tourism. We can provide you with guides and information on the area.


East Bali is one of the most beautiful and remote parts of Bali. Here, life is still mostly untouched by tourism and you can see and explore Balinese rural life in peace. If the time is right, we can bring you to village ceremonies and temple festivities, and explain the unique culture of Balinese Hinduism.

There are many beautiful sites to visit in the area – among them, water palaces and important temples on sacred mountains. We can organise a personalised tour for you, accompanied by a local guide. Or you can rent a motorbike and explore for yourself, armed with some information we’ll happily provide.

Here’s a taster of some places you could visit:

• Ujung water palace, the recreation place of the last king of Karangasem
• Tirtagangga, with the royal pools from the last king of Karangasem
• Amlapura, with the traditional market and the royal palace
• Lempuyang temple, one of Bali’s important and beautiful temple
• The waterfall in Les village, about 1 hour from our place
• 4 sours sacred springs in Bangle village
• Chocolate and organic soap factory in Jasri (from where Balila’s soap comes)
• UFO chocolate factory in Jasri
• Sensatia natural beauty products factory in Jasri (in Balila we use their products)
• East Bali cashew nuts factory
• Muntigunung social enterprise and factory


Two playful pixies who love to flow, play, dance and spin together. Through sharing our passion for flow and movement with the world, we remind people that magic still exists.

Yoga retreat with Steffi

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