Caroline Rossy

I am Caroline, this pic is soooo me!

I love Life, Champagne and Laughter.
The Tree of Life is my anchorage, my serenity and inner strength.
I am a Woman, guide, mum, leader, a teacher, sister, Just a Human Being well I think!
I don’t pretend I don’t give a S***!

What I know is that I am your Guide in this life this is my mission to lead you to this amazing adventure that is Life…
Let’s go!
I will give you precious keys to open your Own Doors to feel good and be happy!!!

Transformation 2021 – The Success from the Within
I looooooove it!

I have a very eclectic CV, from being a former dancer to a Dance teacher my 1st life who was an hard world but who taught me discipline, will power and dedication.

I am a masseuse therapist who taught me on how to heal people through their body and Energy.

I am a Yoga teacher and own a Yoga studio in Antibes Samasthiti House of Yoga who taught inner strength, peace with my body – mind – heart.

I have developed an online business this year due to the Pandemic who led me to realise that my mission in this life is to be at service of human beings.

Today I am a coach, a leader, a mentor for all my students and clients.

This year 2020 has really allowed me to assist so many human being to find their own success within this crazy year that I have been pushed to put together this amazing Retreat which is a combo of everything my team and I can offer for you to embrace yourself and open the doors of YOUR INNER SUCCESS…in Paradise BALI!!!

Actually I have a love affair with Bali who changed my life in 2012, I always wanted to go back and knew I would when I will be ready to offer my best to you guys!

And now I am!!!

This Retreat will be transformative and will allow you to BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF based on my own experience, knowledge assisted by my team to provide you with the BEST high quality service to feel good and reach Inner Success and Happiness.

And as you know me, this Retreat will include a massive amount of FUN and LAUGHTERS.

This retreat is going to be so empowering…

Become the best version of yourself in this transformative year 2021

To embrace The Success from the within together…

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