First New Moon of 2021

This new moon is the first new moon of the year, which means we can set our intentions, not only for the month but also for the year. Connect with your heart and the universe. Then when the full moon comes, we can celebrate. Asking the universe what you want is a powerful practice. Click link below to watch it.

The new moon is in Capricorn, a cardinal earth sign, which excels to set intentions related to material gain and professional success, like work, money, long-term goals. Aligned with pluto, the dark and intense planet of transformation. Mars and Saturn, slow us down, be patient. Romantic venus can bring surprises in our love life.

1. Focus on long- term intentions

What do you want to achieve over the next 6 months?

Don’t expect instant results, focus on the long-term, work hard, instead of focussing on instant gratification.

2. Be pragmatic about your plans (realistic)

Get your head out of the clouds, and be realistic about what you can achieve.

Don’t let competition cloud your vision, slow down, and see.
Project ourselves…
Envision ourselves…

3. Up your work and money game

Create a new resume, portfolio, plan a long-term career, make budgets, financial investments.

Don’t forget about love and romance. New potential partner.


Rituals for the new moon

1. Pray for openness

“Dear universe, I am here to connect with spirit, truth, and love. Please make me a channel of your divine wisdom, and help me see clearly in all aspects, and help me tune into the greatest good in my heart.”

2. Create a sacred space

More inspiration about creating your altar here

3. Clear the space

I personally love to cleanse space with sage/ palo santo.

“Dear universe, may I have your support so that my truest intentions can flow clearly from my heart onto the page.”

4. New moon breathwork

Breathing releases all the tension, so you can write from your heart space.

“Begin by taking a long exhale out from your mouth. Place one hand on your belly, and exhale through your mouth. Make your inhales, and exhales long and smooth. Breathe in this fashion for several minutes, until you become very clear and grounded. Finish the practice by placing both hands on your heart and sending gratitude to your body.”

5. Write your list of intentions

Date your page, and write for the highest good of all concerned.
10 items:

I am…
I need…
I want…

No negations involved.

Feel the feeling of the wish fulfilled.

6. New moon meditation

10- 15 min

Guided meditation

Meditate on it, focus on how it feels, let go of attachment.

“Attached to nothing, connected to everything.”

Focus on your curiosity that the universe conspires to make your dreams come true.

Free yourself from clinging. Let go.

BE grateful and excited for what is to come.

7. Close out the ritual

Say a prayer to close.
Put your list away, until next month.

1 year / 3 years / 5 years intentions

Every year I like to write down some intentions for the next year, the next 3 years, and the next 5 years. I invite you to do the same.


Monthly on new moon days

These three days are extremely useful for envisioning how you would like the next month to go for you. During this challenging time, globally, making this effort takes on even greater significance.

This is the time to set your intentions; imagine you are planting seeds—even if you must do so with limits in place. If you are restricted in your movements or ability to plan for the future, this would be a powerful opportunity to take some time to yourself and be introspective. Ideally, you’ll create clear and specific goals.

Themes to consider when setting intentions include:

• If life feels overly serious to you right now, are you still able to find humour despite the circumstance?

• Even with limits in place, are you able to feel curious about life and the world? Or are you rigidly or unconsciously holding onto set routines or what your life was like in the past?

• Do you still feel connected with a playful and mischievous child within you?

• Consider adding actions or activities that you do just for the fun of it, or just because you’re curious.

• Find and investigate new hobbies and new interests. Try not to worry about the outcome or whether you succeed or fail.

This is a passage from an App I love, called “The Pattern”, its a social network that helps you connect with others on a deeper level, while better understanding yourself. My dear friend/coach suggested it @sharniquinn_yogicoah. It will send you daily mind-blowing notes.

I believe we are all connected to the stars. In Indonesian we say “Bulan Datang” for when a woman has her period. Which means “Moon arrived”.

Makes sense right? Anyway to me it does…

What I tell myself:

New Moon: it’s time to set your intentions. I write them in my journal, and light up incense/Palo santo in my magic bubble. I send my intentions into the universe. The universe provides.

Full Moon: stay calm, it’s the moon. Give it a few days before you act on it.


Magic Bubble

As your next journal assignment, I’m going to invite you to make yourself a magic bubble. Make it your own.

In this article, Lauren explains how:

PC: @lo_mcgrath @slowgiliair

Do you have space at home dedicated to going deeper?
Building a meditation corner, altar, magic bubble, or whatever you want to call the sacred space dedicated to connecting with your innermost self, can have a marked impact on your meditations and inner peace.

In this weeks #slowathome series, @lo.mcgrath explores different, simple ways to craft a well-balanced meditation corner. An at-home altar calls for all four elements – earth, fire, water, air. What does your space to slow down look like?
Once that’s done, time to set your intentions; imagine you are planting seeds. Create clear and specific goals. Start writing. 🙂
Love yourself,
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