YogaRea You are the Soul!

Barbara is the founder, body and mind of YogaRea (You are the Soul!). She starts as fashion designer in trendy and party-loving Milan and evolves as yoga teacher in the magical land of the Gods, Bali.

She developed an interest in yoga after passing a dark year, fronting all the monsters she was escaping from for all the life, a period of powerful enlightening experiences, where she discovered the simplicity of Magic,  finally facing her trueself. The new path started with a 10 days’ Vipassana meditation retreat, where she learnt to simply OBSERVE the world and the divine beings that we are, the incredible, indescribable POWER we have, because “WE CAN”, “EACH ONE OF US CAN”.

Barbara carried on with yoga studies in Rishikesh, India, where she obtained the 200 hours Teacher Training Certificate Yoga Alliance. Once back in her magical Bali she trained as SKY YOGA Teacher Training level 1 and 2, literally her passion, with the founder and master, Acacia Jade, at the renowned Yoga Studio Radiantly Alive in Ubud.

She attended several workshops including AQUA YOGA, ARM BALANCE, YIN YOGA, SKY YOGA THERAPEUTIC, RESTORATIVE YOGA, CI QONG, CHAKRA MEDITATION, BIKRAM YOGA, HOOPYOGINI (yoga using Hoola-Hoop), taken up singing and found out she love MANTRAS and MUDRAS.

Kept going on with SUPYOGA level 1 and 2 Teacher, her other great passion, and FLY HIGH YOGA.

In the meantime she obtained a boat licence, became first level Emergency Responder and countinued with her REIKI journey by getting to the third and last level as MASTER REIKI.

And this is only the beginning of this new incredible Journey.

Barbara’s aim is to bring this new awareness to the west, to Sicily, on the famous island of Panarea, where she will lead you to other worlds where you will breathe in deeply the magic of the island and will finally be able to fully enjoy its charm, from Sky Yoga classes on the terrace looking onto the sea and Sup Yoga sessions in the middle of the sea.

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