Transformation – Success within Yourself

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From 1492 €

Join us for this amazing Retreat of Happiness in BALI the island of GOD

In heaven we are going to connect our body – mind – heart – soul together to feel as ONE again

All Yoga Practice especially Kundalini and Hatha


We are going to properly understand and attract the Law of Attraction and Quantic Physic

I will give you the 4 keys of a Balance Life under Chamanic Philosophy

Meditation of the 3 worlds

Rape Peruvian Ritual and so much more for you to transform yourself

Connection with the invisible

I will offer you all tools to find your Path and your mission in this Life

We will learn to use our VOICE

We will Dance and Play the Drums

We will be transported into a magical world wich is also THE real world

To Nurture your BODY

To hear your HEART

To calm your MIND


This Retreat will be UNIQUE

You will not be the same ever after…



With Love

Coordinator: Caroline Rossy
Read her full biography here


10 DAYS 

Dates: TBD


Standard room Standard room Deluxe room Deluxe room
Shared occupancy Single occupancy Shared occupancy Single occupancy
1492 EUR* 1819 EUR* 1819 EUR* 2309 EUR*

* Early bird until May 1st. Then +200 EUR.

Includes Transport, Lodging, meals, yoga, workshops, and meditation with Caroline Rossy, Indonesian retreat present, photographer, travel agent fees, tax and service charges (based on a minimum of 13 participants).

One day planning:

8:30am Yoga Wake your Body up.
10:30am Brunch
11:30am Pause
12:00pm Guided Mind Setting Meditation – Intuitive Dance – Various Classes to deepen yourself into your inner success
13:30pm Afternoon delight
3:00pm Workshop on various topics – Inner Success Tools
Open your Heart share your story – Intention – Goals – MasterMind
6:30pm Rest
7:30pm Dinner fun



Tabanan is a Regency in central Bali, best-known for its nature, especially its UNESCO recognized tea plantations. Tabanan occupies about 15 percent of Balinese land. It is still a newly recognized destination for travellers and has only recently become home to several large luxury resorts. As Tabanan is known for its natural landscape, popular activities revolve around nature or Balinese culture.


At the Resort they host yoga, meditation, healing, educational and environmental retreats. Their secluded location provides an ideal space for any kind of retreat, from silent meditation to extroverted self development courses. The 110m2 spacious, wooden floor hall is surrounded by rice fields, jungle and gardens.

Teachers and students benefit from the direct contact with nature. The vast spaciousness of this Mountain Resort provides remote tranquility and a peaceful atmosphere. Our restaurant caters healthy and delicious buffets. They welcome small and large groups.


The Bungalows at the Resort are nested between rice fields and tropical gardens. Gaze at the beauty and spaciousness of your bungalow’s natural surroundings, while enjoying the sounds of nature.

The bungalows provide a tasteful combination of traditional Balinese art and architecture with modern amenities. The antique, intricate carvings give each bungalow its unique character. The bungalows are furnished with either one or two comfortable double beds as well as a desk. Extra beds are available upon request. The en suite bathrooms invites for open sky hot water showers.

The Resort offers six types of accommodations. Each have either a terrace or a traditional bale (gazebo) perfect for relaxing and your private Yoga or meditation practice.


The organic rice fields and vegetable gardens offer you it’s harvest as well as an amazing view from the restaurant. If you wish, their friendly staff will also serve food and drinks to your bungalow.

Whether you are staying at the Mountain Resort or just passing by, they welcome you to their restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner, serving delicious local and western dishes.



Their natural water swimming pool is fed by a local mountain spring. The water is channeled from their spring directly into the pool and then flows on to water the rice fields. No chemicals are used. Let your body and soul be refreshed and rejuvenated by the purity of the mountain spring water!




Enjoy a full body Balinese massage with acupressure point treatment in a relaxing atmosphere to loosen any tension in your body.

IDR 150.000 / hour


They strongly recommend our trekking tours to explore serene lush surroundings of the Mountain Resort. Take a glimpse into the Balinese village life while learning about the flora and fauna of the area. Enjoy breathtaking views of mountains, rice terraces and giant bamboo!


Take a different way to the temple than the asphalt road! Take a guided trek through gardens of cacao, coffee and fruit trees, giant bamboo and local vegetables. Explore the tropical rain forest nature reserve around the silent Mt. Batukaru and pass by Pura Veteran, a small temple in the jungle. The highlight of the tour is a visit of the second most important Temple of Bali, Pura Luhur Batukaru. 2-3 hours.

IDR 220.000 / person

IDR 170.000 / person for group more than 2 persons

(including entrance fee)


Take a walk up to the tropical rain forest at the foot of the silent volcano Batukaru and visit the jungle temple Pura Luhur Batukaru. On the way back you will be guided through rice paddies, enjoying stunning views over this fertile area of Bali. 4 hours.

IDR 300.000 / person

IDR 200.000 / person for group more than 2 persons

(including entrance fee)


Their friendly guide will lead you along rice fields, villages, beautiful panorama view points and temples to a small local hot spring. Take a natural sulfur hot shower and relax after the walk! We will pick you up and drive you back to the Mountain Resort. 3-4 hours.

IDR 370.000 / person

IDR 270.000 / person for group more than 2 persons


Take an authentic walk to a small temple in the rocks facing the tropical jungle. You will pass by fruit, cacao and coffee gardens, rice fields, temples and villages. Immerse yourself  in the beauty of nature! 5-6 hours.

IDR 500.000 / person

IDR 300.000 / person for group more than 2 persons



Selamat Datang “welcome” to Gili Air, one of three beautiful islands just off the coast of Lombok. In Indonesian “Gili” directly translates to Island and “Air” means water. Out of the 3 Gilis, Air has the largest natural fresh water reservoir due to its close proximity to the mainland of Lombok.

As soon as you set foot on Gili Air, you will feel swept away by an incredible sense of relaxation, peace, a desire to let go and live at another pace of life; it is the magic that this island has to offer. Everything there is simple and accessible: there are no roads, only small paths where you can hear the sound of the hoofs of the horses of Gili Taxis, the horses are pulling colourful horse carts, and will invite you to climb aboard to discover Gili Air and arrive at a slow pace. 


The resort style Hotel situated on the tropical island of Gili Air, Indonesia. Sustainably designed, they are mindful of our environment and surroundings, they offer a sanctuary for weary travelers in a safe and peaceful setting.


The resort offers guests a unique experience in our floating bed Bamboo Lodge. Each bed is suspended from the roof and is equipped with privacy/mosquito screens and private fan. The allocated lockers are fitted with power/charging stations for practical convenience.

They also offer private rooms, custom designed in Javanese “Joglo” style. Constructed with recycled antique timber doors and windows, each room is unique, complete with creature comforts such as A/C, mini bar and satellite TV. Guests are treated to a selection of Buckwheat Banana Pancakes, Captains Omelette or Apple Pie Oats included with their stay.

Hot water showers are available to all guests courtesy of Mother Nature and our solar hot water system. With every toilet fitted to the Bio-Septic system, guests can rest and relax knowing their traveler foot print will not affect the fragile island environment.


The resort in Gili Air, is a family owned business and we have put a lot of thought and love into every detail to create a unique place that fosters connection with the surrounding environment and among their guests.

This concept of connection is shown throughout their Architecture, food and service, from the communal tables to the open plan design of our cafe which offers delicious wholefood dishes. The menu has been designed to cater for everyone, with gluten free, dairy free and vegan options available. We do not use refined sugar, palm oil or MSG in our dishes.

They are also proud to have adopted a no plastic policy in their cafe, using bamboo and bio degradable straws, not selling bottled water but instead offering refills.

They strive to have the freshest ingredients in their Cafe and what is fresher than growing it themselves? To develop a permaculture garden system is a big goal at the resort, they already have a Hydroponic set up to grow their salad vegetables and greens and our papaya and banana trees have given us good fruit. Soon they will be building garden beds to grow more, they hope to supplement their kitchen with 30% of home grown produce. 

With the selection of bamboo as their primary material for our cafe pavilion enforcing our sustainable ethos they will continue and evolve to create an even more unique experience for their guests.



All pdf’s for experiences on the island are In attachment.

And on > Daytrips > Experience Gili

Click this link:

The Slow Food and Yoga Festival will take place just before or after the retreat.

Introduction to Permaculture Design

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